Playa Junquillal

An expansive, sandy and quiet beach good for swimming, walking/jogging, and a surf break on the right. Access at the end of the Junquillal road at the park. 2km


Playa Blanca

A cove surrounded by high bluffs good for snorkeling at high tide. Access via Iguanazul or public parking just north of Iguanazul entrance. 1.5km


Playa Callejones

A fishing cove with a sandy swimming spot at high tide. Access via Restaurante Latino road and a left turn before a seasonal creek. 2.5km


Playa Negra & Sandy Beach

World-famous surf break for all levels. Access at Hotel Playa Negra parking lot. 4km


Playa Avellanas

A popular surf break with the famous Lola’s restaurant right on the beach. Access at Lola’s parking lot. 8.5km


Playa Marbella

Another popular surf break for all levels. Beachfront dining available.   23km


San Juanillo

A small fishing village and swimming spot. Beautiful pink sand. 31km

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